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KABUL: The Avicenna International Peace Award has been awarded to Dr. Anarkali Honaryar, a senator and the only active Sikh citizen of Afghanistan.

This award is given annually to influential and inspiring personalities to build a just, humane and peaceful world. 

The Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS), held the 3rd Awarding Ceremony of “Avicenna International Peace Award: Intercultural Cooperation for Peace” with the presence of distinguished academics, diplomats, civil society members and media representatives attending the event.

Dr. Anarkali Honaryar is Sikh Afghan political and also she is a women’s rights activist. She is the first non-Muslim member of the National Assembly of Afghanistan.

During the award ceremony, former National Security Advisor, Dr. Rangin Dadfar Spanta, apologized to Dr. Anarkali Honaryar and her family, who, according to him, have historically faced some form of structural, cultural and social discrimination.

The rule of Amanullah Khan has been mentioned as the only period when the Hindu and Sikh citizens of the country enjoyed their social and human rights.

Two years ago, the AISS awarded this “Avicenna International Peace Award: Intercultural Cooperation for Peace” award to Professor Michael Barry, faculty at the American University of Afghanistan, and one of the well-known international scholars in the field of Islamic art and civilization. Dr Barry has conducted various researches on Islamic and Persian culture, and art.