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KABUL: The government forces have launched an operation to retake control of the Dohla dam in southern province of Kandahar from Taliban, but it has caused water shortage in seven districts as Taliban cut the water supply system from the dam to the residential areas before leaving the area, a government official said Wednesday.

Hajji Gulbuddin, district chief for Shah Wali Kot, said Wednesday that they with the help of people work to reconnect the water supply system to the Zaher Shahi canal soon to save the villages from lack of water.

“There are landmines planted on every way to the Dohla dam, a number of people are there to resolve this problem immediately,” said Gulbuddin.

Doha is the second largest dam in Afghanistan and is the reserve of potable water and irrigation to the Kandahar city and seven of its districts.

The districts now suffering from water shortage are Arghandab, Daman, Dand, Panjwaiy, Zharai and some others.

Taliban did not immediately comment on the report.

The dam fell to Taliban last month.