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KABUL: Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan (NAI) is accusing the government of escaping its responsibility to investigate cases related to the killings of journalists.

NAI accused the intelligence organizations for not being able to investigate the cases of journalists-killings.

The CEO of NAI, Mujeeb Khalwatgar in a press conference said that the increasing targeted-killings of media workers have taken a heavy toll on the media family which led to the decreasing number of media personnel.

He accused the government of inability to investigate the cases of journalists-killings.

Throughout investigating, the “government focuses on personnel issues and escapes its responsibility,” he added.

Interior Ministry Spokesman, Tariq Aryan said the government has seriously investigated the cases of journalists-killings and 60 individuals have been arrested in connection with the cases of violence and the killings of journalists in the last two years.

Targeted-killings have taken a toll on the female media workers where 40 percent of the victims are female.

NAI also reported that the increasing targeted-killings of media workers caused a decrease in the number of female journalists across the country.

According to the report, 90pc in Kandahar, 40pc in Nangarhar and 20pc female media workers in Balkh left their jobs.

This comes as the targeted-killings of journalists and civil activists have been intensified across the country, inflicting casualties on the media workers, increasing their concerns about their survival. The government blamed the Taliban for carrying out these heinous attacks, but the group repeatedly rejected the claims as baseless and accused the government for having hand in the attacks on journalists and civil society activists.