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KABUL: President Ashraf Ghani said that it would be up to the neighboring Pakistan to be either a friend of the people of Afghanistan or their enemy.

Speaking at the presidential palace on Sunday Ghani said that this is the first time in the contemporary history that Afghanistan gets such an opportunity as the government is fully ready since two years ago for the withdrawal of foreign troops.
“We are fully prepared to protect our soil. This is the time that Afghanistan be an absolute sovereign country and to prove impartiality.”
He clarified that those who do not support the republic system, have no place in his government, a reference to some individuals and groups who seem reluctant with the current governing system. “Taliban have no religious legitimacy to continue war because Islamic scholars have called the war illegitimate.”
Ghani emphasized that Pakistan would never feel secure when its adjacent Afghanistan is insecure. “If you want welfare, they will also enjoy welfare. It is up to you to choose friendship and hostility. If Pakistan chooses friendship, Afghanistan is ready to cooperate with Pakistan by increasing regional and international cooperation,” Ghani addressed Islamabad.
He said that sovereignty, republic, democracy, a free, independent and built Afghanistan, adding that Afghanistan will welcome Taliban if they make peace with the mentioned conditions.
The United States announced this week to withdraw all its soldiers from Afghanistan by September 11 after 20 years presence that caused the death of tens of thousands of Afghan civilians without any advantage.

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