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KABUL: The parliament emphasizes on the uniformity of the government employees’ salaries as its “red line” to approve next year’s budget.

The lawmakers said Wednesday that they received the budget draft once again but they didn’t see equality in the salaries of government servants.

Parliament Speaker, Mir Rahman Rahmani, said that there was no confrontation between parliament and government, but urged they would not approve the budget draft unless uniformity of the government employees’ payments was considered.

“I ask the financial and budget commission (a parliament commission) to consider the payment equality and not include those organs that have been established illegally. The payment equality is the parliament’s red line and we will approve next year’s budget after it is carried out as the right of teachers, soldiers, officers and other government employees.”

Hojjatullah Kheradmand, a member of parliament, said that some government employees receive high payments, while others’ salaries are very little.

He argued that there is no huge difference in the government servants’ payments in other countries, calling for equality in Afghan government too.