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KABUL: A public servant was shot and dead by unknown gunmen in Kabul city on Saturday night, officials said on Sunday.

“Two Taliban militants shot and killed a public servant, Aziz Rahman in Qala-e-Kashef area 5th PD of Kabul, said Kabul Police Spokesman, Ferdaws Faramarz.

Soon after the shooting, the police forces reached the area and engaged with the Taliban shooters. “One Taliban militant was killed and another one was arrested after receiving injuries,” Mr. Faramarz said.

Two police officers were also slightly wounded in the clampdown.

Two pistols were discovered and confiscated from them and further inquiry has been launched.

Insecurity and targeted-killings have increased in Kabul since the start of peace talks with the Taliban in Qatar. A large number of Afghan government employees, judges, female doctors, female vaccinators, journalists, civil society members and other social activists were killed or injured in different kinds of targeted assassinations who the government blamed the Taliban for – but  the Taliban denied involvement.