The pandemic may have stolen many of the headlines of 2020, but this year has been a bumper year for other science, too. Can you remember it? Find out in our covid-free quiz


16 December 2020


New Scientist Default Image

The Thwaites glacier in Antarctica


1 We kicked off 2020 with the cheery news that the “doomsday” Thwaites glacier in Antarctica is losing about 35 billion tonnes of ice per year. It is currently about the same size as which island?

A Ireland

B Great Britain

C New Guinea

D Java

2 On a lighter note, in June, we published pictures of Uraba lugens, a caterpillar that wears its old heads as a hat. How many times can it moult its head?

A 4

B 7

C 9

D 13

3 In September, we reported that astronomers may have …