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KABUL: The Russian Foreign Ministry has displaced a wrong map showing Pamir and Wakhan areas, located in the northern province of Badakhshan, out of Afghanistan’s territory.

Two days ago, the Russian Foreign Ministry published a map which indicated a path from Pakistan to Tajikistan via Badakhshan’s areas of Wakhan and Pamir. The map didn’t include some areas of Pamir and Wakhan as part of Afghanistan’s soil.

But the Russian Foreign Ministry said in an explanatory statement that the map presented on the Website was schematic and may not provide an accurate representation of national borders.

However, such acts by the officials departments of a country are considered in contrast with the diplomatic relations.

As Afghanistan is going through a historic peace process, Moscow is to host a meeting regarding the Afghan peace in the near future. The country earlier held two rounds of the intra-Afghan dialogues, where a number of top Afghan politicians participated.