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KABUL: The ministry of information and culture says they have registered “tens of threats” against journalists since November when media personnel and civil society activists came under a wave of targeted attacks.

Six journalists and civil society activists were killed last year in different parts of the country mostly in targeted attacks.

“I had to leave Afghanistan for not to be killed. I lacked financial sources for escaping and I had only 200 dollars when I left Afghanistan,” Nosrat Parsa, an Afghan journalist wrote on Facebook just after leaving the country on Monday for the fear of targeted attacks.

The BBC reports that several of other journalists have also left the country recently due to threats from targeted attacks.

Abdul Mannan Shiva Sharq, from culture ministry said that 37 cases of threat were registered against lives of journalists in the past two months.

He claimed that some of the threats were removed while others are under security cover with journalists being shifted to some safe places.

“Due to security problems in Afghanistan especially in Kabul I feared if something bad happens to me or my family. Therefore, I had to leave the country and take refuge to another country,” said Zalma Kharoti, a civil society activist.

The government blames the attacks on Taliban militants, an allegation rejected by the insurgent group.