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KABUL: Officials in the Kohmard district of Bamyan province say that women are not allowed to go to medical facilities without male companions.

In a letter sent from district governor to the medical facilities and drugstores, they are warned not to treat women patients without men companions.

The independent human rights commission office in Bamyan reacted to the decision calling it against the Constitution and human rights principles. The commission has called on the provincial governor to assess the matter.
Officials in Bamyan promised to meet the issue.
“The administration in Bamyan ordered the relevant to evaluate the decision based on the law,” Latif Azimi, spokesman for Bamyan governor said Tuesday.

“There is no problem of sharia for women who do not need male companion and want to go to clinics or travel. The sharia does not order women to go out of house with male companion,” Hajji Ahmadi, head of provincial council said.

Kohmard lies in a remote part of Bmyan and conservative traditions there condemn women’s presence in social activities.